SpiroScout SP

Ultrasound Spirometry with ECG

The SpiroScout SP incorporates the latest ultrasound technology and can be used in combination with SCHILLER ECG devices.

This new concept offers many benefits, as it simplifies the handling of the measurements and the data management for both ECG and Spirometry recordings. There are no moving parts, no filters to change, no screens to catch sputum and no disposables to calibrate.

The ultrasonic flow measurement is independent of gas composition, pressure and humidity. Therefore errors connected with these variables are eliminated. In combination with the disposable ScoutTube sensors you have a safe, efficient solution with full contamination control.

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  • Ultrasonic flow sensor to measure the flow of air into and out of the patient’s lungs
  • Works in combination with CARDIOVIT AT-102 (only with SCM), CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus, CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus, CARDIOVIT MS-2010 and CARDIOVIT MS-2015
  • Sensor is not influenced by humidity, barometric pressure and contamination
  • Extremely high accuracy for low flows
  • No volume calibration and no warm-up time necessary
  • No cleaning and maintenance needed
  • Hygienic ScoutTube sensors for single patient use


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