CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro

Multifunctional Diagnostic Workstation

SCHILLER presents the new generation of ErgoSpiro (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing) and combines high measurement quality with ease-of-use ErgoSpiro evaluation.

The CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence ErgoSpiro systems performs both pulmonary function tests and metabolic tests with diagnostic quality 12-lead Exercise ECG conveniently and accurately in a single device, with absolutely none of the compromises that are sometimes found in combined systems. It can be used for children and adults, from patients to athletes, collecting full breath-by-breath data.

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  • True breath-by-breath data
  • Exercise Flow/Volume Loops (EFVL) overlaid with maximum loop
  • Multi-Threshold detection after testing
  • Limitless customizing even while online measurement possible
  • Connectivity via SCHILLER Server / SEMA


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