PWA – Pulse Wave Analysis

Detection of pulse wave velocity in arteries with ABPM

Significant improvement of the cardiovascular (CV) risk assessment

With convenient cuff measurements for ABPM, it is possible to measure pulse wave velocity in arteries. These measurements provide information about arterial stiffness: the faster the pulse wave, the stiffer the arteries. The stiffer the arteries, the higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Another useful parameter is the augmentation index, an indicator of small blood vessels’ age.


  • Increase of diagnostic precision
  • Early detection of coronary heart disease, due to close correlation with stiffness parameters
  • Prevention of end organ damage due to hypertension
  • More effective and more specific therapy, as some hypotensive drugs may also increase arterial stiffness
  • Differential diagnosis (peripheral resistance increased, stiff arteries or increased cardiac preload)
  • Recommended use in the guidelines of ESH (European Society of Hypertension) and ESC (European Society of Cardiology) since 2007


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