FRED easy

Defibrillaton modes for all needs The automated external defibrillator FRED easy makes resuscitation even simpler and more effective thanks to the efficient and myocardium-saving defibrillation impulse called Multipulse Biowave. It represents the perfect device for healthcare professionals and the general public alike (PAD). FRED easy is available in the following versions: Fully automatic mode: attach […]

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Easy Pulse

Efficient and compact mechanical CPR Unbelievably small and light mechanical chest compression device In case of a sudden cardiac arrest, immediate chest compressions are required. Performing manual chest compressions well for an extended period of time is almost impossible. Thanks to the EASY PULSE, only one person is required for CPR. Video: Rescue after a

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Emergency monitor and defibrillator with touchscreen The DEFIGARD Touch 7 is an indispensable tool for rescuers. The device is extremely compact and offers the latest defibrillation technology in combination with comprehensive monitoring functions. It is the first emergency monitor/defibrillator equipped with a touch screen – making it the most intuitive device on the market –

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FRED easyport

The world’s first pocket defibrillator FRED easyport is an incredibly small and light pocket defibrillator, equipped with the effective and myocardium-saving defibrillation impulse called Multipulse Biowave. FRED easyport is the ideal companion for physicians, public service staff, even for risk patients and their family members, or other persons trained in early defibrillation. This dramatically reduces

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Simplicity as a priority By lifting the device cover, the FRED PA-1 starts up immediately and guides the rescuer step-by-step during the entire resuscitation process. The FRED PA-1 is available either as semi-automatic or fully automatic device.In its automatic version, the FRED PA-1 delivers the shock without any action of the rescuer. In its semi-automatic

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